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Why website maintenance is needed

To address security threats

64% of all companies in the world have at least once experienced a cyber attack! And these include not only large businesses but small and medium ones as well. If you think that you’re not a target for hackers and cybercriminals, think again. Website maintenance services are essential for addressing vulnerabilities before they are exploited by hackers.

To ensure the websites healthy performance

Website core, software, and plugin updates are essential for the proper functioning of the website. If the website is not updated according to the latest software releases, it will become an easy target for attackers, may work slowly, might have errors, or might stop working altogether!

To improve SEO performance

Slow loading time, design or functionality issues, outdated content and overall poor or infrequent website maintenance harm the user experience, directly or indirectly affecting the website’s SEO performance and search engine rankings.

To increase website traffic

A website that is frequently updated, loads fast, and has no functionality issues is more likely to get more traffic as it gives a reason for users to come back. Website maintenance can highly influence the user experience and help attract more customers to your website.

To increase credibility

If a website has functionality issues or outdated content, users won’t trust it and will lose trust in the brand as well. So, keeping your website up-to-date is necessary to build trust among your customers and increase brand credibility.

To improve engagement rate

If a website has functionality issues or outdated content, users won’t trust it and will lose trust in the brand as well. So, keeping your website up-to-date is necessary to build trust among your customers and increase brand credibility.

Why we're your one-stop-shop for good design

Strategic approach

We take a strategic approach to each of our client projects and pay great attention to all aspects of your website. Our most basic packages cover the essentials, including backups, software updates, malware scans and clean-ups. We also offer monthly website maintenance packages which grant access to all our services, which could be useful if you have ongoing graphic design and website content update needs. Subscribe and forget about your website maintenance and security, we’ll take care of everything for you!

Proven value for money

We believe in overdelivering and providing excellent value to our clients. Our rates are derived based on thorough research of dozens of comparable agencies that deliver similar quality service and output. And our rates are set to be the most competitive among them!

Attention to detail

We pay meticulous attention to the tiniest details of your website. Our website management service includes backups, software updates, malware scans and many other important website support services. The “Standard” and “Advanced” packages grant you access to a big range of design, development, and optimization services. You also get direct support, rapid turnaround on all requests, and an option to accumulate unused hours and use them for larger requests down the line

Experiences team

Our team consists of highly experienced graphic, UI/UX and web designers, project managers and website developers, each with at least five years of experience in their area of expertise. We have vast experience in building and maintaining WordPress and other CMS-based websites, working with different industries and various types of websites, from e-commerce sites to blogs and forums. So we have tried and tested different approaches and tools to ensure your website’s healthy performance and complete protection against attacks.

Guidance throughout

Web design and website maintenance can take some time to implement, and many parts have interdependencies, but we guide our clients through the process from day one, setting accurate expectations and aiming to under-promise but overdeliver every time! Regardless of the project, you will work with an account manager and a project manager, who will update you every few days, ensuring you’re always aware of the progress.

Flexibility and speed

We appreciate that priorities and requirements might vary greatly even for similar tasks, sometimes it may be crucial to have something done on the same day, another time important factor may be the budget. We always try to understand the priorities and accommodate specific requests wherever possible. We also pride ourselves on having a very fast turnaround speed by all design agency standards.

Handover and training

We aim to create long-term relationships with all of our clients so they’ll have a reliable partner to turn to whenever they need to make any updates down the line. Having said that, we believe in empowering our clients to maintain their websites as much as possible, so we provide all the access necessary together with detailed instructions and recordings to support the everyday management of the site, so they aren’t dependent on us for minor updates and instead can draw on our expertise for areas which need our assistance the most.












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