Web design and development pricing

Those prices are for websites made in Postjer, WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify. We also create bespoke websites in other CMS, different web applications, and mobile apps.


Ideal if you need a small website launched quickly and represent your mission.



Perfect if you’re looking for a custom-designed responsive website to scale your business.

from £4,995



The best solution for enterprises or online shops with large orders and an online presence.

from £10,495


Ideal for larger businesses that need extensive design and development and also tailored functionality.

Specialist Requirements

Prices are with one payment made, and for three installments, there is an extra fee. To get three installments, contact support.

We build your online presence. We share you values to the market.

Postjer has a lot of talents on its team and partners that will share its mission and value in the right way.

This is a staging enviroment